All Saints Hove, east end exterior view

Reading between the Lines

Throughout November, Reading between the Lines, an installation of thirty new paintings by distinguished artist Anne Grebby, can be seen at All Saints. These depict pivotal events during Jesus' final days on earth, from the Last Supper to his Ascension. Each canvas functions as a 'storyboard,' inviting the viewer to cross the boundary of each picture frame and to accompany Jesus on his journey, animating the events even further with their won creative thought processes. This entire collection of paintings attempts to provide visual stimuli which immerse the eye in the invisible and engender thoughts on the infinite mystery of God without trespassing on its 'incomprehensibility or illimitability.' (Nicholas of Cusa).

What’s on


8:00 am BCP Mass
9:00 am Morning Prayer
10:00 am Choral Mass