All Saints Hove, east end exterior view

Our Caritas project

Our Caritas Project is currently suspended as the country remains in lockdown. We are working with our local council and support services and working on ways in which we can be there for the most vulnerable in our society. 

Usually on the second Sunday of each month between 3pm and 5.30pm we provide a cooked meal and a space to relax for up to sixty guests, all of which are homeless or vulnerably housed. This activity is staffed by volunteer teams drawn from our congregation and the wider community of Brighton and Hove.

Brighton & Hove has the second highest national rates of homelessness outside of London in relation to its size. Since 2008 homelessness has increased by 134% in England and Wales – this is a direct result of policy decisions in government and welfare reforms. According to the charity Shelter, 1 in every 69 people in Brighton & Hove is experiencing some form of homelessness. That figure is likely to actually be more, but there are many hidden homeless that we simply don’t see; e.g. those who are sofa surfing with friends and family. Brighton & Hove is currently experiencing a housing crisis with less accommodation available but more and more people in need, this has made waiting lists for social housing very long.

For more information about how to contribute or support this project, please get in touch.

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5:00 pm Evening Prayer