Detail of the carved wooden cover of the baptismal font at All Saints Hove


Baptism reminds each of us how much we are loved by God

Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God. For those making this important step of faith, whether the candidates themselves or their families speaking for them, this is a time of commitment as we turn towards Jesus in living a life of compassion, forgiveness and love.


The sacrament of baptism is full of colour and symbolism. Candidates are signed with the cross; water is poured on the forehead as a sign of cleansing and renewal; they are anointed with oil; and given a candle, which represents the light of Christ.

Baby in father's arms while deacon looks on

We would love to baptise you or your child. The first thing to do is contact a member of the clergy team. In general, you will need to be living within our parish and attend our Sunday mass regularly leading up to the baptism. There is a short course of baptismal preparation.


All Saints is a glorious church for your wedding



Being married at All Saints

God stands with us at every moment of our lives, particularly in moments of celebration and commitment. At the heart of Christian marriage is an understanding of a life-long commitment that mirrors God's own commitment towards us, of a love that endures through all things.


All Saints offers a traditional wedding ceremony with words and ritual of depth and meaning. There are many options for readings, prayers, and music, which will add a personal element to what is one of the most important moments in your life. We are an inclusive church and we are very happy to offer services for the renewal of marriage vows, or an order for Prayer and Dedication after a civil marriage. If you are a same sex couple and would like prayers in celebration of your relationship, please do get in touch with our vicar, Fr Ryan. Currently we are not able to offer a service of blessing on such occasions due to the guidance given by the Church of England. We would also consider marrying couples in which either one or both partners have been previously divorced. It would need to be demonstrated that the breakdown of the previous marriage had nothing to do with the current relationship.


Are you considering marriage at All Saints? If you would like to be married here, you will need to have a pastoral connection to the parish, which usually means you need to live within the parish boundaries. You can find a lot of helpful information on the Church of England's weddings site.

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All Saints is here in times of grief as well as joy

Just as God is with us in life, so he is with us in death. The church is here to stand with you in times of grief and loss; to show that even in such difficult times, God is an abiding and sustaining presence. In the Christian funeral service you will hear words of comfort and promise and symbols of light and hope.


We are here to help. If a friend or relative has recently died, the first thing to do is speak to a local funeral director. They will offer you a supportive and professional service and give you the information you need. They will make arrangements with us after having met with you and we will organise a visit to talk you through the shape of the service and to offer you all the support you need. For more general information you can visit the Church of England's funerals website.


By leaving a legacy to All Saints you can support its mission and ministry within the community. A gift can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving to God. If you are considering leaving a legacy or making a bequest, please contact a member of the clergy team. Further information can be found on the official Church of England Legacies website.