All Saints Hove, east end exterior view

Lectio Divina during Advent

All are warmly welcome to come and join us for our Advent reflection group. This will be held every Sunday during Advent after mass at 11.30am, beginning on 2 December.

This year we will be exploring various passages of scripture using the early church practice known as lectio divina (holy reading) - a more contemplative way of reading the bible that seeks to excavate the deeper spiritual sense of scripture. We have adapted this approach so that we engage prayerfully not only with the bible text, but with critical biblical scholarship, Christian iconography and art, Gregorian chant, and silence.

Lectio was established as a monastic practice by St. Benedict in 6th century. It is a way of engaging with scripture that leads us deeper into God’s word. We slow down, read a passage more than once, and listen to other people’s voices and sense of language. We chew the words over and savour the text. Scripture begins to speak to us afresh and draws us closer to God through Christ, the Living Word, who bids us to follow him in trust and hopefulness. The challenge in lectio is to be patient and watchful as we wait for the Word to come among us. This makes it very well suited to Advent!

What’s on


9:00 am Morning prayer
9:45 am Little Fishes
5:00 pm Evening prayer


9:00 am Morning prayer
10:45 am Silent prayer
11:30 am Said Eucharist
5:00 pm Evening prayer