All Saints Hove Food Spread

During this time of national and international crisis, many charities are struggling to get enough food for those in need. As a church community with a heart for the vulnerable we want to do what we can to help. So, we have set up a project called All Saints Hove Food Spread, which will operate as long as needed during the Covid-19 emergency. We have partnered up with Waitrose Community Matters and will select a local charity every fortnight that will receive a food delivery. We are asking you to help fund this so we can ensure that those in need in our local community are feed and cared for during this difficult time in a safe way.

In addtion to your donations we are very grateful to have received a £500 grant from the Police Property Act Fund. They say:

Within this current Pandemic it is great to see projects such as All Saints Food Spread starting up to assist those who are most vulnerable within their local community. The work that All Saints have done previously to this was also taken into consideration when accepting the application including the monthly hot meal by dedicated volunteers to those who are homeless/ vulnerably housed.

On the 8th of May we did our first delivery to YMCA Landsworth House in Hove. They say:

The residents were more than appreciative and it really made a difference to them in these hard times. Thank you so much for your generosity! What you have donated has gone a long way.

We delivered to Grace Eyre residential home in Rutland Gardens on the 29th of May. They say:

On Friday the food delivery arrived form Waitrose and everyone in the house was very excited to see so much food! Lots of cakes, BBQ food, sweet, drinks etc. At the weekend everyone had a big BBQ together and not a scrap of food was left! Having the opportunity to spend some time together, as a house in the garden, was great. Most of the gents in the house have had to socially isolation due to Covid and so it was lovely to be able to do something a little out of the ordinary. Thank you for all the BBQ food!

The following Friday we delivered to Sussex Homeless Support. They provide support, accommodation, advice and outreach to those suffering housing crisis in Sussex. They say:

Thank you so much for the large food donation from Waitrose today. The range of food was perfectly balanced for our food bag distribution. It means vulnerable in people in temporary accommodation and street homeless can create full meals. The food will start going out locally tomorrow. Thank you.

On Friday the 19th of June we delivered to Voices in Exile. They tell us that the food looks perfect for our clients who are mostly of Middle Eastern origin. We serves approx 45 families across Sussex who are either asylum seekers, refugees or people with no recourse to public finds. Your donation is very much appreciated.

Next in line for a delivery is The Recovery Project, run by Brighton Housing Trust on the 3rd of July.

Thank you for all your donations so far - you are making a real difference!

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