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Save Our Windows Appeal

All Saints Church has launched a major appeal to raise money for our historic stained glass.  We need to raise a total of £45,000 to repair windows in the sanctuary area and on the South side of the church.  All Saints is a Grade One Listed building of great historic importance.  A late Victorian church designed by Pearson it has been much commended for its soaring beauty and dramatic neo-gothic design.  All Saints was built using Sussex sandstone which means that the stone mullions that hold the windows in suffer a little in the bad weather.  The mullions now desperately need repairing if we are to keep this great building in a good state of repair.

The  break in on Christmas morning 2013 only added to our problems!  The thieves smashed a beautiful Martin Travers stained glass window in the Narthex to gain access to the church.  We are looking into how this can best be re-constructed.

If you are able to donate money towards our appeal then please send it to:

Reverend Philip Ritchie,
The Parish Office,
Hove Vicarage,
Wilbury Road,

Cheques should be made payable to:

All Saints Hove PCC

Many thanks

Fr.Phil Ritchie, Vicar