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Multifaith Service on Sunday 17.07.2016

Members of the great world religions and no religion welcome to our Mulifaith Vigil for Baghdad & Nice and other areas of our torn world. We are here to stand alongside one another, to light candles, to pray, and to remember all those in our world who have died as a result of terrorism in Nice, Baghdad, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh , France, Belgium, Orlando, Israel, Palestine, Texas and Dallas in …Read More

This Sunday’s Gospel Story – Fr David Ingledew

This Sunday’s gospel story sees movement into Judea, the territory immediately surrounding Jerusalem and Samaria.  Here we begin to have some contact with the history of the early church, as distinct from myths and legends about it. In the persecution of the church in Jerusalem there lies the reminiscence of a real division in the church, and the persecution of one part of it and not another. For all its …Read More

If only we had the eyes to see

Pentecost Sermon 2016, Jane Bartlett I want to begin with a story.  Off the coast of Brazil there was a group of people on a raft. They had no water on board and under the hot sun they were all dying of thirst. Their mouths and throats were dry. They were dizzy and light headed, unable to think clearly. They were terrified.  What they didn’t realise is that they were …Read More

Reflections from Fr David Ingledew

Historically speaking we are living in a period of peace, tolerance, safety and compassion. Never before in human history have so many people across the world enjoyed such pleasant conditions we are told by recent research which you might find surprising. Despite the advent of 24 hours news telling us otherwise, there is less murder, less robbery, less bigotry and hatred, and less intolerance now than ever before. I can …Read More

What’s the most important question in life and work? What really, really, really matters?

I’ve recently returned from a three week meditation retreat in Hawaii, the last ten days of which were in silence. This was a time to be quiet, take stock (I turned 50 during the retreat) and see what remained, that was essential, when the muddy, turbulent waters of my mind settled. And the most important question in life? Do you want to wake up? Do you really want to wake …Read More

Thought for the week from Fr David

We are now living in post-resurrection times and we are asked to reflect on what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, a follower of him in 2016. Just think back it is hard to imagine a more horrible death, nor one in which a dying person was more degraded. Yet early Christianity insisted upon seeing this appalling torture as a triumph by a victorious Christ. Consider Paul who, …Read More

John: 12:1-8 Reflection for the Week

We have walked and studied and reflected in this year’s season of Lent, and we are now moving to the climax of our journey Passion Sunday / Holy Week / Good Friday & Easter morning, where our faith once again is made real, and expresses who and what we are as Christian pilgrims, both in the shadow of the cross, and the continual resurrection experience of our everyday lives. Lent is …Read More

18.01.2016 -25.01.2016 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

With all the trouble spots in the world, of violence, death, destruction, killing, and most recently the murderous killing  by IS in Indonesia and Turkey, affecting innocent people, of all faith or none. I wanted to offer some thoughts on my Pilgrimage Journey & Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain as a Prayer & Meditation for the end to senseless killing and death, which I …Read More

Climate Change and Christians

Archbishop Rowan Williams and Pope Francis on why theology matters and why we need to wake up to our responsibilities as Christians. Read article here:  Climate Change and Christians v13.10 On 2 October, a number of us from All Saints were crammed into a hall at Firle Place to hear former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams speak on Christianity and the Environment. He was responding to Pope Francis’ “extra-ordinary” encyclical, On …Read More