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“With Red Balloons & Happy Birthdays” – How Not to Do Pentecost

Too often we only think of Pentecost in terms of the birthday of the Church, and we long to blow out candles on our own cake and sing happy birthday to me. And yet the symbolism that Luke uses in his portrayal of Pentecost is far deeper than all of that. Wind and fire as symbols of the Spirit are energetic and dangerous, renewing and destructive, dynamic and uncontrollable. The …Read More

A Homily for the Feast of the Ascension

There are always two images that strike me when I begin thinking about the Feast of the Ascension. The first is from the Anglican Shrine at Walsingham in Norfolk, where you can find the Chapel of the Ascension. Above the altar you can see two feet disappearing into a cloud. I think I remember that the feet actually poke out from the canopy and for me at least, it gives …Read More

An open letter to LGCM’s members and Changing Attitude’s supporters from the Board of LGCM

In response to the message from the lesbian gay and Christian community in response to the house of bishops’ statement on gay and lesbian and transgender relationships (below): “How sad after three years of deliberation, courage is not in evidence but rather a preservation of the status quo by the house of bishops who are actually going back to a policy of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ of thirty years ago. Positive …Read More

Joy & Expectation from Fr. David

God our healer, whose mercy is like a refining fire, touch us with your judgement, and comfort us with your tenderness, that being comforted by you, we may reach out to a troubled world. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen This week we are called out to rejoice at the imminent birth of the Messiah in our scripture readings. Are you ready or not in the mood yet to be …Read More

Christ the King Sunday

Faced with the growing brutality of Mussolini’s racism and wanting to emphasise Christ’s non violent kingship and rule, in 1925, Pope Pius XI designated the last Sunday in the Church’s year as Christ the King Sunday, and this tradition has been regularly kept since 1970.  It is also to celebrate the all embracing authority of Jesus Christ. At Jesus’s trail he was questioned about his claim to be king. He …Read More

All Souls Day

In the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church it says of All Saints Day… The feast is kept on the 01.11.2016 to celebrate all the Christian saints and martyrs known and unknown and has been kept since the fourth and sixth century AD. All Souls Day [02.11.2016] follows All Saints Day and has been kept since 918 AD A time of celebration and giving thanks for all those who have …Read More

Multifaith Service on Sunday 17.07.2016

Members of the great world religions and no religion welcome to our Mulifaith Vigil for Baghdad & Nice and other areas of our torn world. We are here to stand alongside one another, to light candles, to pray, and to remember all those in our world who have died as a result of terrorism in Nice, Baghdad, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh , France, Belgium, Orlando, Israel, Palestine, Texas and Dallas in …Read More

This Sunday’s Gospel Story – Fr David Ingledew

This Sunday’s gospel story sees movement into Judea, the territory immediately surrounding Jerusalem and Samaria.  Here we begin to have some contact with the history of the early church, as distinct from myths and legends about it. In the persecution of the church in Jerusalem there lies the reminiscence of a real division in the church, and the persecution of one part of it and not another. For all its …Read More

If only we had the eyes to see

Pentecost Sermon 2016, Jane Bartlett I want to begin with a story.  Off the coast of Brazil there was a group of people on a raft. They had no water on board and under the hot sun they were all dying of thirst. Their mouths and throats were dry. They were dizzy and light headed, unable to think clearly. They were terrified.  What they didn’t realise is that they were …Read More