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Members of the great world religions and no religion welcome to our Mulifaith Vigil for Baghdad & Nice and other areas of our torn world.

We are here to stand alongside one another, to light candles, to pray, and to remember all those in our world who have died as a result of terrorism in Nice, Baghdad, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh , France, Belgium, Orlando, Israel, Palestine, Texas and Dallas in recent times.

We make our vigil of peace in remembrance of those whom we have lost, they are our brothers and sisters of the world, we seek justice and respect for all peoples irrespective of race, colour, class, gender, sexuality or religious label. We oppose all hate crimes, and discrimination, and particularly remember today those who have died as a result of terrorism.

We are the Christian people of the Good Samaritan who with Jesus, stand alongside him to heal wounds, challenge injustice and oppression, and ask that all peoples are allowed to live in peace and freedom, liberty and self determination.

We state quite clearly that we oppose racism and xenophobia , and oppose hate, fear, cultural prejudice, class inequality, sexual discrimination, religious and political persecution of other minorities, who are different to ourselves. We ask for peace, understanding, tolerance, mutual respect and justice for all.

We will not be divided in our determination for peace, as we keep our solemn vigil today for all your people of your rainbow beautiful world, encompassing in our own faith tradition the God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses.

We will not be overwhelmed, and we continue to believe in a new day of hope and loving understanding, respect, as we pray for all innocent people, including adults and children who died recently in Baghdad, Nice, and elsewhere.


Lord of suffering

give us moral and spiritual courage

not to be silent in the face of evil

in the name of Christ our strength and redeemer O Lord hear our prayer Amen

Fr David Ingledew
All Saints Church, Hove

Multifaith Service Sunday 17 July 2016

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