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Mission Statement

Hope Actually

All Saints Vision 2014

“Spiritual revival always begins with conversion. And the revivals I am most drawn to are the ones that aim their personal conversions at the changing of the world and the overcoming of the great injustices of their time.” Jim Wallis – On God’s Side

Mission Statement:

To be a welcoming church for all people, which aims to share a vision of the love of God through creative worship and to put our faith into action through serving those most in need.


  • A welcoming and inclusive Church – We respect everyone equally.
  • A loving and hopeful Church – we recognise that we are all ‘in recovery’. We are a healing community and we try to love unconditionally.
  • A caring and serving Church – part of our calling is to serve the city but particularly those most in need; the vulnerable and the marginalised.
  • A Church which gives thanks to God in celebration of all that we have received through Jesus – We sing, we pray, we celebrate our life and our blessings.