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HOME is an informal and contemporary service, every Sunday at 11.45am (coffee from 11.30am). We are an inclusive community. Here’s our welcome:

We are pleased you are here because we believe when people come together , bringing all they are, to celebrate together, to sing, to dance …to experience joy and life together  – something amazing happens.

There is something you need to know –  about this beautiful place on the corner of Eaton Road and the Drive….. there is room and a place for you here – for you, for me and all of us. In all our glorious diversity we welcome you –

Because here at Home we want to keep it real.

…old, young, middle aged, disabled, single, partnered, whatever and whoever you are….you are welcome here….

It doesn’t matter what spiritual path you are on – or if you aren’t on one…we are glad you are here.

We don’t want you to check your baggage at the door…we don’t want you to dress a certain way, look a certain way …be a certain way…. This is a come as you are party!

We do invite you to live expectantly, to listen and to feel;

Something happens – the spirit, allow the spirit to come with you. To touch you.

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