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Sermon for 3rd Advent, December 14th 2014

Mid Advent, and John the Baptist in particular, throws us into the midst of a dramatic turn from judgement to joy.  And, in fact John the Baptist in some ways epitomises both.  He both warns us of the coming judgment but also bears witness to the light. But it is easy in our present culture to be bad at both, constantly judging others and ourselves in ways which are destructive …Read More

Sermon for Vision Sunday 2014 – 27th

Sermon for Vision Sunday One of the key signs of a growing church is a community which is willing to self-reflect and to learn accordingly and a community which is willing to change and adapt according to context. So what is our Mission here at All Saints?  I would put it like this:  To be a welcoming church for all people, which aims to share a vision of the love …Read More

Sermon for Lent 2

‘O Lord open our lips, and our mouth shall proclaim your praise’.  The opening words from Morning Prayer, the first five words of the day – in theory anyway, the reality is that the first words were more likely to have been a groan, a moan and shouting at the kids, but in theory: ‘O Lord open our lips’. The words are a kind of invitation to wake up, to …Read More

Advent Sunday

Birds flyin’ high you know how I feel Sun in the sky you know how I feel Breeze driftin’ on by you know how I feel Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me yeah, its a new dawn its a new day its a new life for me ooooooooh AND I’M FEELING GOOD Nina Simone – I thought you’d join in?  Maybe you …Read More

Gratitude Sermon

There’s a wonderful section in the account of Proust’s Housekeeper Celeste’s story of her first formal meeting with the great writer.  She has to take his breakfast to him in bed and it is explained to her that he will already have had his Café au Lait and croissant that had been taken when we woke up but that later in the morning, with his second cup, he sometimes had …Read More

Resignation and Redemption

There’s a wonderful poem by Cavafy about Antony of Antony and Cleopatra fame.  Antony is in this amazing city of Alexandria –  he has all he ever wanted but he knows the game is up – Octavian and his armies are closing in and the day of Anthony’s suicide is not far off. But the poet tells him not to sulk but rather to go to the window and listen …Read More

Sermon for Pentecost 2013

Sermon for Pentecost 2013. One of the talks at the conference I went to this week was from someone who works in business management as a consultant – lets call him Tony.  He had worked with a lot of big American companies.  On one job he is called in to see why a particular company isn’t being very successful. Tony advised the CEO of the company to get some 360 …Read More

Sermon for Ascension Sunday

Sermon for Ascension Sunday Coming home late after a few Whiskies on Ascension day itself (Thursday) I wandered into the gloom of our hallway and glanced into my study.  I was terrified to see a large and imposing looking man sat at my desk, reclining on my chair, one hand touching the keyboard of my computer.  I looked again and realised that it was in fact the life size cardboard …Read More